Volume & Issue: Volume 11, Issue 4 - Serial Number 44, October 2014 
Investigation of Phenolic Compounds in Various Stages of Sugar Crystallization Process and Changes During Storage

Pages 23-32

M Honarvar; F Seyed Sajadi; A Kalbasi Ashtari; K Larijani; B Delkhosh; P Motaghian

The Effect of Polyamine Application on Firmness and Postharvest Physiology of Cherries

Pages 67-74

H Sharifzadegan; V Abdosi; M Mashhadi kbari Bojar; M. R Naeini

A Review of Antioxidant Capacity Assays (Reactions, Methods, Pros and Cons)

Pages 89-111

S Hosseini; M Gharachorloo; B Ghiassi Tarzi; M Ghavami