Volume & Issue: Volume 12, Issue 4 - Serial Number 48, October 2015 
Assessment of the Chemicals and Oxidative Properties of Imported Extra Virgin Olive Oils

Pages 27-34

F Moloudi; P Ghajarbeigi; A Haj Hosseini Babaei; A Mohammadpour Asl

Preparation of Lycopene Emulsions Using Gelatin and Maltodextrin and Optimizing the Process by Response Surface Methodology

Pages 55-68

A Salimi; Y Maghsoudlo; S. M. Jafari; A. R. Sadeghi Mahonak; M Kashani Nejad; A. M. Ziaeefar

Optimization of Roasting Process of Sesame Seed to Produce High Quality Sesame Oil

Pages 101-111

M Borjian Broujeni; S. A. Goli; M Gharachorloo; R Azizinejad